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March 06, 2020
The max. working height is 30.3 meters, the max. load is 454kg! Dingli’s 7 family modular electric drive boom lifts series is released worldwide!

  In the afternoon of March 5, 2020, Zhejiang Deqing Mogan Mountain Airport, under this special period, through the cloud platform live, Zhejiang Dingli electric articulating boom lift---EAB28ERT, unveiled the mystery in front of nearly 1,500 clients from more than 700 rental companies.

Modular family series for boom lifts
7 types of engine drive boom lifts
Added 7 types of electric drive boom lifts again
  Bauma China 2016 in Shanghai, Dingli launched the first subversively designed products, the new boom lifts series, which was designed by the European R&D center. Benefit by the family modular design concept, all the boom series 95% of the main components, 80% of the structural parts are common, once launched , Dingli’s boom lifts became the " Dark Horse"  in the engine drive boom market, has been the lessee's praise.
  The past five years, with the innovation of the frontier technology, Dingli’s 7 engine drive boom lifts have ranked the first the first echelon of the global boom lifts’ market .However, in the face of exhaust emission, noise, off-road vehicle restrictions, and many other pressing problems, leasing company customers were puzzled. At that time, electrification become the future trend.
  As early as the family modular arm series was designed in 2016, Zhejiang Dingli considered the engine drive boom lift series and electric drive boom lift series to be developed on the same platform, and launched the engine drive boom lift series first.
  Today, under the premise of not changing any parts and continuing all features, 7 self-developed electric boom lifts with working height ranging from 24.3 to 30.3 meters have been fully developed, raising the maximum working height of the existing electric boom lifts by 8 meters.
Mr. Xu zhong, deputy general manager of Dingli sales, acted as the anchor
Zhejiang Dingli electric articulating boom lift---EAB28ERT
  EAB28ERT, S.W.L is 230kg, the max. Occupants is 2, and the max. working height is 28.1 meters.
  The appearance of the whole machine is the same as the 28m engine drive articulating boom lift, BA28RT . It is equipped with the industry-leading dedicated axle with pure electric drive, equipped with 80V/520Ah high-capacity lithium battery pack, and has excellent horizontal extension, up and over ability and down probing ability.
  In view of the pure electric design, it also has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, noiseless, convenient maintenance, low cost, strong safety, practical power and so on.
Energy saving and environmental protection , noiseless
  ·  Equipped with 80V/520Ah high-capacity lithium battery pack. The whole machine is equipped with two charging time modes, 1.5 hours for quick charging and 6 hours for slow charging. It can be used for 3 to 4 days for full charging according to the 8-hour working system.
  ·  The lifting drive system adopts the leading AC motor drive, saving 10% energy than similar products.
  ·  With pure electric drive, zero emission and noiseless, it can not only meet the demand of harsh working conditions, but also meet the special working conditions with high environmental requirements, such as residential areas, airports, tunnels, etc.
Convenient maintenance and low cost
  ·  Maintenance-free lithium battery as the power source, 5 years warranty, long life, and without any maintenance costs, labor costs, good economy.
  ·  In the maintenance-free lithium battery warranty period, power less than 70% of the rated capacity, Dingli offers a free replacement service
  ·  The machine is guaranteed for 2 years and the structural parts for 10 years.
  ·  Due to the family modular design, the maintenance of 14 boom lifts developed on the same platform are convenient, among which the maintenance cost of the electric series is only one third of that of the engine series.
Safe, practical and powerful
  ·  Equipped with pure electric drive special axle, combined with the actual conditions of the equipment, to meet the performance requirements of 0 failure rate in 10 years, good practicability.
  ·  Equipped with 4x4 drive and steering function, the transmission efficiency is more than 20% higher than the traditional wheel side deceleration drive, and the power is strong.
  ·  The axle is equipped with a 100% hydraulic differential lock, with a clearance of 0.4m off the ground, which has better passability. Even if the three wheels slip, it can still move forward and adapt to bad working conditions.
  ·  Maintenance-free lithium battery comes with BMS battery management system to ensure the safety of equipment.
Electric drive telescopic boom lifts with heavy load
  ·  The load of Dingli 7 electric boom series are the same as  the engine series, and the max. load of the electric drive telescopic boom lifts are up to 454kg!

EAB28ERT demo video
Zhejiang dinghili full series of electric drive boom lifts
Electric drive boom lifts series(7 Types)
  Telescopic boom lifts: ETBJ30ERT、ETB28ERT、ETBJ26ERT、ETB26ERT、ETB24ERT
  Articulating boom lifts: EAB28ERT、EAB24ERT
  The maximum working height is 24.3~30.3 meters, 7 electric drive boom lifts series will be rolled out in succession. In the future, customers of leasing companies can choose the most appropriate Dingli boom lifts according to the operating conditions to maximize economic benefits.