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August 27, 2019
Arrangement!Zhejiang Dingli Large load new boom lifts overseas market delivery in succession!

August 24th, Sunny, Temperature: 36℃
 New Boom Lifts Ready to Go

    Since this year, the new boom series in short supply has become the norm. In scorching summer, afore-mentioned scene is staged every day turn, deliver goods enthusiasm is unstoppable.
     Because the new boom series that has been delivered has received good comments constantly, so many overseas leasing companies have been eagerly looking forward to, eager to obtain equipment as soon as possible, this new arm type on the ocean, will continue to fulfill the purpose of "Serving the Global Leasing Company"!
Scorching sun, market conditions like fire, delivery enthusiasm like fire
Video is the delivery scene of new arm-type aerial work platform
    It is worth mentioning that the max. working height of the new boom series is 30 meters and the max. working height of the new curved arm is 28 meters. Both of them can easily enter and exit the container and transport is convenient.

    Since this year, with the increasing orders of new boom lifts at home and abroad, has shown a cluster of the situation. Of course, the exuberant demand of the market is also urging the pace of everyone in Dingli, for this reason all staff has been full steam, with 100% of the state into the production work, "Day and Night", "Six plus One in a week", race against time to ensure the early delivery of orders.
    At present, Zhejiang Dingli phase four large modern intelligent factory construction in full swing, put into production will release the new boom series capacity, for the new boom series order delivery to help, please pay attention!
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