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April 16, 2019
"Bauma 2019" in Munich, Germany, Zhejiang Dingli's new boom lift products are renowned all over the world!

The seven-day bauma 2019 exhibition opened on April 8 at the Munich exhibition center in Germany.The bauma event brought together more than 3,700 exhibitors from more than 60 countries and regions to showcase the new heights of the global construction machinery industry. 

After a lapse of three years, Zhejiang Dingli returned again with more than ten innovative products, presenting the cutting-edge intelligent technology in the field of aerial work platform to the global audience. 

During the exhibition, two new boom lift products were unveiled for the first time in foreign countries. They are representatives of the boom lift upgraded new product series jointly developed by Zhejiang Dingli and Italy. Once exhibited, they have received huge market response and the audience is standing shoulder to shoulder. 

Focus on the new boom lift

Born in a famous family, upgraded product of new boom lift 

       The two new boom lifts are BT28RT (left) and BA24RT (right) respectively. The performance parameters are as follows: 


The new boom lift full series products altogether are 10, the maximum working height covers 16 meters ~30 meters, the rated capacity up to 450kg. 
(1)Family modular design:

· General use of 95% of main components and 80% of structural parts.
· The lessee's spare parts purchase cost, storage cost and maintenance cost are low.
· Equipment maintenance and repair efficiency improvement of lessee.
  (2) Equipped with special axle for aerial work platform:
· 4 wheel drive for 4 wheel steering (U turn steer, crab steer).
· Equipped with differential lock system, stronger RTi  performance.
·The maximum gradeability is 50% with lower failure rate.
  (3) Sinking design:
· Main components, weight center of gravity move down, good stability.
· Components are located on both sides of the chassis for convenient maintenance.
· Beautiful shape and eye-catching.
Customer reception
Luxuriant product lineup, detailed information, enthusiastic sales staff, professional technical team...All these make the new and old customers from the United States, Japan, Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Thailand, South Korea and other new and old customers of Zhejiang Dingli products very favor, and said the follow-up will go to Dingli factory site visit.
It is worth mentioning that during the exhibition, a certain lessee in the Netherlands has placed an order for 1000 machines, and some lessees in the UK, Thailand and Hong Kong are also following suit, and the order volume is booming.  

Customer reception and negotiation

Other exhibits

In addition to the new boom lift, we also exhibited the energy saving and environmental protection of the battery  articulating boom lift GTBZ20AE, powerful rough-terrain scissor lift JCPT2223RTA and with outstanding trafficability  mini scissor lift JCPT0607DCS and so on, also by the global audience wide attention. 

Through the exhibition, Zhejiang Dingli fully demonstrated its own products and intelligent manufacturing technology.