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June 27, 2017
KHL Global Ranking Was Issued and Dingli Ranked First in China Again
 Recently, KHL Group released the ranking list of the turnover of ACCESS global manufacturers in 2016 predominantly. Zhejiang Dingli has the highest annual growth rate (44.98%), ascending Top 20 in the world. Especially, in the field of dispersed self-advancing aerial working platform, it is the only Chinese enterprise which ranks Top 10 in the world.
European Industry Association refers the aerial working platform industry collectively as ACCESS, which mainly includes self-advancing aerial working platform, vehicle-mounted aerial working platform and mast climbing aerial working platform. Established in 1989, KHL Group is a global leading provider of engineering machinery information, as well as the first periodical office authorized by non-profit organization BPA (Business of Performing Audits (media auditing)) in the industry. The objectivity of the ACCESS ranking issued by KHL Group predominantly, therefore, is universally acknowledged by the world.
As the leader of aerial working platform industry in China, Zhejiang Dingli produces products with ingenuity seriously, promotes innovation one step at a time and seeks to develop devotedly. The strong ability of technical innovation endows Zhejiang Dingli with the “confidence” and “strength” to move towards to high-end market and compete with world-class enterprises. The ranking fully verified its professional competence in the subdivided aerial work platform industry.
In 2016, Zhejiang Dingli accelerated the overseas investment and development. It became the shareholder of Magni Telescopic Handlers S.R.L. (a leading enterprise of smart telescopic boom forklift in Italy), established Dingli Europe R&D Center and vigorously implemented innovation-driven and internationalized strategies, which accelerates the course of internationalization.
With the high-end R&D platform in Dingli Europe R&D Center, Zhejiang Dingli shows great originality in the technological innovation, researches and develops over ten great works of boom transporters, which represent the advanced level in the world. The subversive design of its initiative global familial and modular design, starts a new era of smart aerial work platform. Currently, Zhejiang Dingli owns over 200 patents, with over 50 patents for invention. Most of the patents are protected globally.
Win a good market with good products. The aerial work platform of Zhejiang Dingli has won the markets throughout the world. The glamorous “Dingli Red” is shining in over 80 countries and regions including Europe, America, Asia and Africa.
This year, Zhejiang Dingli continues to take the lead. The market share of middle- and high-end products increases steadily and rapidly. Dingli is operating in good condition.
Xu Shugen, the President of Zhejiang Dingli, has expressed on many occasions that, Dingli would continue to promote development with innovation-driven and internationalized strategies, seize the opportunities of One Belt and One Road and Made in China 2025, commit to providing clients with customized products as well as more safe and efficient solutions for aerial work system, and try hard to work out a way to strengthen innovation, emphasize quality and promote upgrade, so as to become a real world-class brand of aerial work platform.