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Financing Lease
Financial Leasing

Dingli has been focusing on the combination of industry and finance. In 2016, we wholly established Dingce financial leasing, the first domestic financial leasing pilot enterprise in Shanghai Free Trade Zone, to provide customers with all-round financial leasing support, comprehensively solve the problem of capital shortage and eliminate worries at home.

The members of the service team who get Master's and doctoral degrees account for more than 40%, and the Per capita employment time of our management in finance is over 15 years. Relying on the three business teams in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou, our business has covered the whole country.
Finance for aerial work platform leasing companies
Finance for small and medium-sized entity enterprises
Why choose the financial leasing services provided by us
●Low customer threshold
Banks have high requirements for customers' financial indicators such as assets and liabilities when reviewing their loans, while we pay more attention to customers' cash flow. What we are concentrated on is customers' future growth, so that small and medium-sized enterprises can also obtain medium and long-term financing.
●Fast approval
We streamline the process according to your needs. If all the documents are complete, customers will obtain the required funds and equipment within a month at the earliest
●High proportion of financing
If you choose our financial leasing service, the financing proportion can reach up to 70%, and can also get more funds than bank loans
●Flexible repayment method
We will design the repayment scheme flexibly according to your financial situation, so that you can use the funds more efficiently
●Long financing cycle
The general cycle of our financial leasing service products is 1-3 years, which can meet your medium and long-term capital needs.