Dingli Machinery

Articulating Boom Lifts
  • Max. Working Height
    Max. Working Height:24.30m
  • Max. Operating Range
    Max. Operating Range:17.10m
  • S.W.L
  • Overall Weight
    Overall Weight:17200kg
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  • Product parameter
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Product Highlights

● Below ground reachable, large range of horizontal outreach

● Large load, strong power, easy maintenance, high chassis, great energy saving, stable control, easy transport

● Family modular design, the whole series is developed on the same platform base, 90% of the main components and more than 95% of the structural parts are common, lowering the storage cost and making the maintenance more efficient

● Pure electric drive, features 80V520Ah high-capacity lithium battery pack with 1.5h fast charging, energy saving and environmental protection, zero noise, convenient maintenance at low cost, safety and practicality, etc

● Unique design makes the whole part move down, so centre of gravity is shifted down, making the machine more stable

● All components are located on both sides of the chassis, making maintenance easier

● Equipped with integrated four-wheel drive system with axles for greater off-road performance

● Container transport available

Product parameter
Unit: Metric / Imperial
▼ Size
Max. Working Height24.30m
Max. Platform Height22.30m
Max. Operating Range(+0.6m)17.10m
Max. Platform Range16.50m
Overall Length(Stowed)9.83m
Overall Length(Transport)10.03m
Overall Width(Stowed)2.50m
Overall Width(Transport)2.28m
Overall Height(Stowed)2.89m
Overall Height(Transport)2.61m
Platform Size(Length×Width)2.44m×0.91m
Turntable Tailswing1.61m
Ground Clearance0.41m
Turning Radius(Inside/Outside)1.87m/3.22m
Up And Over Clearance9.14m
Max. Down Probing Depth4.03m

▼ Performance
Max. Occupants2
Travel Speed(Stowed)6.0km/h
Travel Speed(Raised)1.1km/h
Max. Working SlopeX-5°/Y-5°
Turret RotationContinuous
Platform Rotation180°
Jib Movement135°

▼ Weight
Overall Weight17200kg

▼ Power
Lithium Battery420Ah/80V
Charger90-264VAC 6.6kW
Driving Motor18KW 3243rpm
Lifting Motor24kW 2150rpm
Hydraulic Tank165L
▼ Size
Max. Working Height79ft 9in
Max. Platform Height73ft 2in
Max. Operating Range(+0.6m)56ft 1in
Max. Platform Range54ft 2in
Overall Length(Stowed)32ft 3in
Overall Length(Transport)32ft 11in
Overall Width(Stowed)8ft 2in
Overall Width(Transport)7ft 6in
Overall Height(Stowed)9ft 6in
Overall Height(Transport)8ft 7in
Platform Size(Length×Width)8ft×3ft
Turntable Tailswing5ft 3in
Ground Clearance1ft 4in
Wheelbase9ft 2in
Turning Radius(Inside/Outside)6ft 2in/10ft 7in
Up And Over Clearance30ft
Max. Down Probing Depth13ft 3in

▼ Performance
Max. Occupants2
Travel Speed(Stowed)3.7mph
Travel Speed(Raised)0.7mph
Max. Working SlopeX-5°/Y-5°
Turret RotationContinuous
Platform Rotation180°
Jib Movement135°

▼ Weight
Overall Weight37919lb

▼ Power
Lithium Battery420Ah/80V
Charger90-264VAC 8.8hp
Driving Motor24.1hp 3243rpm
Lifting Motor32.2hp 2150rpm
Hydraulic Tank36gal 2pt
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