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Oil-free&All-electric Scissor Lifts
  • Max. Working Height
    Max. Working Height:7.6m
  • S.W.L
  • Overall Length/Width
    Overall Length/Width:1.52m/0.81m
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Product Highlights

● Low energy consumption, the total transmission efficiency of the direct motor drive systems reaches 95%, more than 30% energy saving compared with the traditional hydraulic system.

● Safer, higher levels of water and dust resistance, with built-in position sensors, real-time data monitoring of the full stroke. Synergistic drives enable temperature, load, and variable torque control, offering high active safety.

● Easy maintenance, no hydraulic system, avoid system problems such as valve core stuck, oil leakage, oil change, high and low temperature efficiency reduction, equipped with maintenance-free permanent magnet synchronous motor and AGM battery, which greatly reduces maintenance costs.

● More comfortable, full stroke proportional control eliminates the jitter and abrupt feeling caused by self-gravity lowering of the hydraulic system, providing a better experience.

● More environmentally friendly, the noise of the machine is lower than that with the hydraulic system, all-electric and oil-free, zero-emission, high degree of environmental protection.

Product parameter
Unit: Metric / Imperial
TypeOil-free&All-electric Scissor Lifts
Max. Working Height7.6m
Overall Height(Rails Down)1.65m
Overall Width0.81m
Overall Length1.52m
Overall Weight1300kg

TypeOil-free&All-electric Scissor Lifts
Max. Working Height24ft 11in
Overall Height(Rails Down)5ft 5in
Overall Width2ft 8in
Overall Length5ft
Overall Weight2866lb

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