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Glass attachment boom lift

The only pure electric drive in the industry, 1200kg large suction, 8 independent suction cups, 3D Angle wireless control

  • S.W.L
  • Max. Horizontal Reach
    Max. Horizontal Reach:12.5m
  • Max.Working Height
    Max.Working Height:26.088m
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  • Product parameter
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Product Highlights

● Pure electric drive, large suction 1200kg, no noise, zero emission, no pollution, energy saving and environmental protection

● 8 independent suction cups, can rotate, tilt at any Angle, 3D movement (3D) unlimited operation

● High precision wireless remote control system, action accuracy up to millimeter level

● It can absorb more than ten kinds of common building decoration materials, including marble, glass, steel plate, wall panel, etc

Product parameter
Unit: Metric / Imperial
TypePure electric glass attachment boom lift
Overall Height2.87m
Overall Width2.5m
Max. Horizontal Reach12.50m
Turntable Tailswing1.61m
Overall Weight19530kg

TypePure electric glass attachment boom lift
Overall Height9ft 41in
Overall Width9ft 2in
Max. Horizontal Reach41ft 1in
Turntable Tailswing5ft 28in
S.W.L2646 lb
Overall Weight43063 lb

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